Process Automation


" You need to free your teams from the drudgery of routine tasks to enhance your customers' experience. "


Use our custom-built process automation solutions to automate your highly repetitive , routine tasks and transform your business into an intelligent more efficient enterprise


Benefits of Automation

Improved Efficiency

It is a cost-effective option because it lets you leverage the internet service you are already using.

Cost effective

Automation may seem like an expensive project but in reality it frees up employees for higher value work.

Better Consumer Experience

Greater insight into your target audience allows you to offer your consumers a more personalized experience.


Automation Solutions

Automation enables your entire organization to use digital labor to provide seamless business continuity and create resilience and flexibility across your various internal workflows.

Technologists at GoMarkho help clients around the world transform their industry-specific functions into highly efficient automated workflows that complement their operational goals.

With the help of real-world data, GoMarkho can help you optimize your workflow through automation so that you can deliver higher-quality results at lower costs with less risk.


Key Features



Data Capture


As the business expands, it becomes nearly impossible to manage every function closely. This is especially true for a company’s sales and marketing function.

To get full advantage of a marketing campaign, every lead needs scrutiny, but managing every single lead and customer manually can be tedious.

Automated marketing solutions can not only help you extract patterns that will be otherwise hard to see in the mountains of data, they can also move customers through your sales funnel with ease.


Key Features

Analytics & Dashboard

Social Media Automation

Account Management

Lead Tracking/Scoring

Find out more about our services.

Find out more about our services.